Direct Donations 🏝️
It’s also possible to donate ETH/ERC20 tokens directly to CuraDAO without using the donation buttons. For direct donations please use the CuraDAO Ethereum adress: Curadao.eth // 0x0b93Ba560283350D4216F29DC57E15df38d0EaCE

100% of the donatoned ETH will go directly to the community-managed CuraDAO fund. You can use Etherscan to track all CuraDAO transactions.

Top Donors 🏆

5 ETH – 0xa096d37dA6FDaFf8AC9497c70B96Ed57a7721dc1
3 ETH – 0xB1B7586656116D546033e3bAFF69BFcD6592225E
0.14 ETH – 0x144c4E5027B69f7798B2B162D924BcAE5c149f15

Thanks for empowering social impact in Curaçao! 🇨🇼