We help to improve the socio-economic state of Curaçao

By leveraging the latest technologies, such as Blockchain, to create a transparent and save environment for decision-making and the creation / transfer of value. These transactions happen in the CuraDAO Alchemy DAPP, which is an decentralized application created by DAOstack technology running on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The CuraDAO allows ANYBODY to request resources for social impact project in Curaçao. We believe that increased transparency, collaboration, distribution of power and digital automated efficiency leads to a more prosperous island for all its citizens.

Union ta hasi forsa.

we stand for


All transactions in the network can be seen and verified. No secrets!


Anybody is able to propose improvements and new projects. No exclusion!


Resources are pooled and allocated directly to the projects. No wasted resources!


Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development
Improve the socio-economic environment in Curaçao by empowering individuals and organization to co-create projects with a positive socio-economic impact.

Research DAOs and Curaçao

Research DAOs and Curaçao
Research the effectiveness of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and better understand the socio-economic state of

Healty Organization

Healty Organization
Create tools, methods and rituals that promote collaboration, honesty and integrity.